недеља, 21. децембар 2014.


THE FAULT IN OUR STARS - book that is writen by John Green. Book is very popular among teenages, but adults like this book, too. Movie about this fim has attracted a lot of tendance. Movie The Fault In Our Stars was made after the book so I think that you should read the book and watch the movie.In Hazel`s and Augustustus life is not known what will happen the next day. They are fighting together against disease and finds faith in life. A sentence that describes the movie is: I love my choises. I hope thatshe likes her. Worth reading a book and watch movie, it is one of my favourite books.


  • Everyone loves chocolate. When I saw, I really liked it. It has 2 tastes, white and black chocolate. We can use it like a decoration when it meets up, but ofcorse later you can eat. When you put it together, you get the sledge and reindeer. Quality and tasty chocolate is irresistible.
  • P.S.: www.momami.de

четвртак, 11. децембар 2014.


Macarons are the most attract 'cause they are in more then one colour, but also every color has its own taste, inside its filled with flavor. It comes from France, the first company that made it was Ladaurée. Today we can buy the same product in many different shops.
P.S. http://www.paul-usa.com/

понедељак, 8. децембар 2014.


To all that follow my blog, I post one picture for the beginning. There will be more of course. Here is the goal for you, that you see the HELLO hat. Hats with words will always be IN, so I think that every girl needs to have at least one. Also I want you to know that I will commit more to the winter trends during the winter. Expect more blogs in the period that is coming. The hats are available in the Tally Weijl shops.
P.S.: www.tally-weijl.com

недеља, 7. децембар 2014.

Lady Million

Lady Milion, is one of the most popular perfumes. The puzzle is what stays behind the parfume name, and its actually the name that attracted me to try it. The botle is in a shape of a (gold) diamond,one of the smells is floral, for the rest, you can find out yourself. You can use this perfume everyday, but I recommend it for winter. 
P.S.: www.pacorabanne.com

Christmas and New Year time

We all love Christmas and New Years eve when the time for celebration comes. Nobody loves a big crowd, care about gifts and finding a spot for a party. Big conserns give us most combinations for dressing, jevellery and make up. In some of the next blogs you will find a lot of ideas and combinations for which i think will give u a lot of inspiration.

Who says that a christmas tree allways has to be green with onecolored finery? I think that they are not in anymore. For example, you know that they allways warn us that everything has to match. The time has come,for us to play with our imagination. When the tree is in question, it is important, that we like it, because we are going to look at it for a couple of months. Let's play with colors and give christmas three more cheerful look. 

Introductory Blog

Everyone love friendship and feeling most comfortable with family, lovely person. We talk with them how we spent a day, what do we like, and what we don't like, what suits us, and what doesen't. On this blog will be a lot of good advices, and fashion combinations that will help you in choosing wardrobe. Blog will include combinations that will keep track of the seasons and various events. I'll try to give you good ideas and to help  you in selection. I hope that you'll like me and my opinions.